overhead projector

First, the operation of the overhead projector :

Operation before: First of all, read the manual carefully to understand their performance characteristics, and then check whether the complete annex, parts are loose, damaged. And then the operation of the following steps:

1. In accordance with the overhead projector indicated by the supply voltage power supply connected to the projector.

2. To open the overhead projector power switch to open before the mirror (to prevent overheating and burning)

3. To open the machine power switch, so that the light source and cooling fan at the same time work.

4. Dimming: refers to the projection optical system of the optical components, including light bulbs, mirrors (bowl) and the condenser lens show the adjustment of relative position. So that optical components can be the correct optical center is located in the optical axis, the specific method is to machine the white light projected onto the screen, depending on the video screen on the spot whether or not a clear bright, uniform light is, in view of the situation of the location of the optical components the appropriate adjustment (normal when not adjusted).

5. Dimmer way: the so-called optical path shown is the projector onto the screen with the showing of the optical axis of each group corresponds to the projection distance of the beam. If you do not show the same optical path is reflected image will have a trapezoidal or irregular quadrilateral distortion. Adjustment method to adjust the inclination of the screen or projector with the relative positions of the screen, so that the main optical axis and the vertical screen.

6. If the case of dispersion phenomena, the use of ribbon adjustment knob can be adjusted to eliminate them.

7. Will slide (objects) in projection on the glass table and rotary knob fixed focus lens for focusing images to the screen surface so far (focusing when the lens shift the application of hand-assisted

Action to prevent damage to rack and pinion). Can be shown as needed.

8. Should be shut down after power supply, closure mirrors and focusing knob to the middle rack in order to prevent mix-up of the next gear damage when used.