Laboratory tripod

Laboratory tripod is a three-legged equipment, generally used as a platform of some sort. The word is derived from Greek word tripous, meaning "three feet". A tripod stand has three legs and is widely used in laboratories to conduct various experiments.

This lab equipment is used to support and hold various flasks, beakers and other glass ware when not in use and also during experiments. The stands are specially constructed using light metals for light weight and ease of carrying. The height of Laboratory tripod can also be adjusted according to individual requirements.

These folding and portable units are suitable for laboratories with less open space. Some tripod stands have a cast iron top with mild steel legs, bent outwards for more stability.

Materials Used
This lab equipment is constructed using various materials including:
  • Stainless Steel
  • Top of the equipment and concentric rings are Chromium plated.
  • Aluminium

Use of Tripod Stand
This simple equipment finds application in diverse fields and areas including:
  • Clinical Laboratory
  • Educational Laboratory
  • Pathological Laboratory
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Industrial Chemicals